SMS API for Developers

Add messaging capability into your software with our simple, powerful SMS API. Connect your application or mobile apps with our SMS API for alerts, emergency notifications, or message broadcast. No contracts, start with free credit and get full API access. You buy SMS credit when you are ready to go.


Features of GallantSMS SMS API

Message Queueing

With a single API request, our system is able to process high volume of messages from you by queueing it before delivering

Delivery reports

With simple commands, you can pull delivery reports 24/7 for all your SMS messages sent

Long SMS Concatenation

We concatenate messages longer than 160 characters (up to 765 characters) for you seamlessly on the recipient's phone without losing any message.

Multiple Programming Language Support

We support JSON and XML programming languages

GallantSMS API Developer Hub

Welcome to the GallantSMS API Developer Hub. See our API documentation below to help you start working with GallantSMS API as quickly as possible. Are you here for the first time?   Register For Free


1) Create GallantSMS Account

In order to use our SMS API, your credentials will be needed. If you already have GallantSMS account you can skip this step. Otherwise, click Register For Free

2) Use Your Account To Test Our API

Run a test by using your signup credentials to check if your account is operational.

(i) Send SMS

+XML =>
+JSON =>

(ii) Check Delivery Report

+XML =>
+JSON => 

(iii) Check Credit Balance

+XML =>
+JSON =>

3) API Response Status and Error Codes

While using our API you may encounter certain status and error codes that you need to understand or troubleshoot. Find the list below which contains all codes with descriptions:


GS00 - Query successful [OK]
GS80 - Insufficient Credit 
GS81 - Incorrect format 
GS82 - No good recipients
GS83 - Error in sending
GS84 - Error in processing your request
GS85 - Email Address is missing
GS86 - Missing Password
GS87 - Missing Message ID 
GS88 - Invalid Message ID 
GS90 - Invalid_Email_Or_Password 
GS91 - Missing_SenderID
GS92 - Missing destination Address
GS93 - Missing Message
GS94 - Destination Address Invalid Format
GS95 - Account not activated 
GS97 - Command (cmd) not set or missing
GS98 - Unknown Command (cmd)
GS99 - Long Sender ID (max 11 character)
GS70 - Unverified Account
GS71 - Incomplete Parameters
GS72 - SMS route is temporarily down
GS73 - Missing scheduled time
GS74 - Scheduled time should be more than 10 minutes of current time
GS75 - No record found
GS60 - Email Address is required
GS61 - Email Address is not valid required
GS62 - Password is required
GS63 - First name is required
GS64 - Last name is required
GS65 - Phone no. is required
GS66 - State is required
GS67 - You must agree with our Terms and Conditions
GS68 - Password cannot be less than 6 characters
GS69 - Email address already exist
GS50 - Email address does not exist
GS51 - No result
GS52 - Missing Old Password
GS53 - Missing New Password
GS54 - Missing Confirm Password
GS55 - Password must be at least 8 characters
GS56 - Incorrect Old Password
GS57 - New Password Must Equal Confirm Password
GS58 - Invalid Referral Code
GS40 - Invalid Repeat Message Type
GS41 - Day parameter is required and must be greater than zero
GS42 - Month parameter is required and must be greater than zero
GS43 - Pin number was recharged by you
GS44 - Pin number was recharged by another user
GS45 - Inactive Pin Number
GS46 - Suspended Pin Number. Please contact support
GS47 - Invalid Pin Number