Bulk SMS Gateways for Effective SMS Delivery

p>GallantSMS offers multiple Bulk SMS gateways to ensure effective delivery of SMS to your contacts DND numbers inclusive.

If you are worried about how to get your message delivered to DND numbers, we have you covered with our DND gateway. We have done a great job by giving you options to choose gateway to deliver SMS based on your requirements. We offer 3 types of gateways namely, Alpha route, Corporate route, and Financial route.

For instance, if sending SMS to DND numbers is not compulsory, Alpha route is best for you, and you will not be billed for messages sent to DND numbers in your list

Meanwhile, if you wish to deliver SMS to DND numbers in your list, our Corporate route or Financial route is best for you.

Features of GallantSMS Bulk SMS Gateways

Alpha Route

  • 1) Choose Alpha route when you want to deliver to Non-DND numbers only.
  • 2) You are not billed for SMS sent to DND numbers in your list
  • 3) SMS is billed at 1 unit to all GSM Networks
  • 4) Suited for budget conscious customers

Corporate Route

  • 1) Choose Corporate route if you want to deliver to DND numbers
  • 2) SMS is billed at 2 units to MTN Network
  • 3) Your sender id does NOT change on recipient's phone
  • 4) You are required to register your sender id with MTN.
  • 5) Registration documents required: Copy of your CAC certificate/ Business Registration and application letter written on your company letterhead. Click here for details